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B is for Biopsies

B: Biopsies
I have had two types of biopsies, skin and muscle, to confirm my autoimmune disease.

Skin Biopsies Post-Op
A skin biopsy is a procedure in which a sample of skin tissue is removed, processed, and examined under a microscope. My two skin biopsies were taken from my left hand knuckle and left elbow. They were both very quick procedures and the small sutures had to be taken out a little while later. I kept both incision sites medicated with polysporin (like Neosporin without the “neo” since I am allergic to Neomycin) to keep them from drying out and to help heal faster.  With that being said, let’s find a silver lining shall we?  The scars from my biopsies blend in so well with my skin condition from the DM you can’t even tell they are there!


Muscle Biopsy Pre-Op and Post-Op
A muscle biopsy is a procedure in which a piece of muscle tissue is removed and examined microscopically. My muscle biopsy was taken from my right leg thigh. (I should note that before my muscle biopsy I had a MRI that showed the doctors the points of inflammation in my body. My thigh was determined to be the location of the biopsy, although inflammation presented throughout my body.) This was my first surgery that I was put under anesthesia and it made me nervous because going “under the knife” can always be a scary thing. It was an outpatient procedure which meant that we (my husband, son, and fantastically supportive in-laws) arrived at the hospital early in the day and left in the afternoon. I can’t honestly tell you how long the actual procedure was but my recovery period to be able to walk again without assistance was just about a week. When a piece of muscle is taken from your body that is already suffering from muscle fatigue I suppose it makes sense that it would be a struggle to walk right out of surgery!  There’s got to be a silver lining here too right?!  Although I do have a scar in the middle of my thigh I look at it as a battle wound.  A wound in a battle that I am fighting and winning!


6 thoughts on “B is for Biopsies

  1. I also had a muscle biopsy as an outpatient. I was really daunted when they said it would only be done under local anaesthetic. I’ve had two other operations before but I was knocked out for those. My scar is not very cute but at least I can get dressed on my own now. We’re definitely fighting a battle!


      1. From my deltoid (shoulder basically) like you my mri showed inflammation but it was worst in my arms. My rheumatologist is so lovely she was going to get the plastic surgery department to do it to minimise the scar but I just wanted it over and done with so the neurology department did it but I don’t think the scar is that bad anyway.


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