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D is for Doctors

D: Doctors
You can find some of the most wonderful human beings in this profession, dedicating their careers to caring for us…DOCTORS!
I now have four conventional medical doctors that I see throughout the year. The goal of Conventional Medicine* is for doctors to identify diseases by recognizing patterns of symptoms and to treat those symptoms by prescribing drug-based therapies that are similar for all patients with a given disease. My rheumatologist handles my DM most specifically, my dermatologist cares for my skin aspect of my DM and the side effects from my medications (more rashes, dry skin, acne, and eczema), my OB/GYN screens me yearly for breast and ovarian/uterine cancers (a PAP is generally done every 3 years but due to DM showing higher chances of cancer present they perform yearly checks on me), and my general family doctor helps me with my headaches and other issues not related to DM. These four doctors all have to work together to know what I have had done, what medications I am taking, and what courses of action to take next. However, they do see many, many patients so I always make sure they know what is happening with me and update them on current medications. As I said before, we HAVE to be in control of our own healthcare in order to help our doctors make the best diagnosis.

Although I do not love being on the medications that I am on I do greatly appreciate them for the sole purpose of helping me function and essentially saving my life.  I have been researching others ways to help me put my DM into remission (it will never be cured but there is possibility of remission) and in the last few months I have found a love with functional medicine. The goal of Functional Medicine* is to promote health and vitality in each patient. Practitioners examine each patient’s lifestyle and unique biochemical factors to identify the underlying causes of their disease and find treatments that help return patients to optimal health. While I have yet to see a functional practitioner in person, I am following the lead and direction of Dr Amy Myers and Dr Mark Hyman. They, in my eyes, are huge innovators and bringing functional medicine to a forefront, where it truly needs to be. As I said, I have yet to find a functional medicine doctor near me but I hope to be able to do so soon.

*I obtained my definition of Conventional Medicine vs Functional Medicine from


4 thoughts on “D is for Doctors

  1. Prayers continue for you and family. You made a statement about “taking control of our own healthcare in order to help doctors make the best diagnosis” is extremely important. Most doctors appreciate a patient being well informed and a few won’t and don’t seem to understand. Hoping a Functional Medicine practice will soon commence in your area. Lots of Love, Greaty.


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