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E is for Ear Sores

  E:  Ear Sores

Since I started Methotrexate (when we get to M, I will go into more depth on this drug) I have had reoccurring sores on the inner and outer skin of my ears.  These sores cause my skin to flake off and then eventually they become so painful, sometimes radiating pain into my jaw, that I have to take a medication that just so happens to prevent Malaria!  Isn’t that crazy?!  When speaking to my rheumatologist about this again last week he does not think that my sores are caused from the Methotrexate but rather something entirely different.  It is either highly coincidental that I started getting these sores shortly after starting my Methotrexate or it is a side effect that just isn’t as common.  Either way it is just another driving force to get my immune system under control again, take back my life, and live again through functional medicine.


4 thoughts on “E is for Ear Sores

  1. I was led to your blog by a Facebook share from Alisha McDevitt. I’m fascinated at some similarities between your symptoms and mine. I’m curious if the diagnosis for this disease is a concrete one, such as a blood test, etc or, if like some other autoimmune it is the best guess from eliminating other diagnosis. I have experienced large muscle weakness since my senior year in high school. After the birth of my second child I added extreme fatigue and “touch pain”. After two years of tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Raynauds (sp), and Sjogrens I was “diagnosed” with Fibromyalgia. I have never been comfortable with that diagnosis because, although some of my symptoms are consistent some are not. Twenty years later I have been through good periods and bad. I have recently come off a very long good period and stopped all my medication, switching to some natural options. About a year ago I began experiencing what I thought was sensitive skin…rashes on my collarbone and arms, horrible itching and dry skin. I passed it off as a terrible menopause symptoms…now I wonder. Sorry, that was a really long explanation to ask about diagnosis!!! Just wondering.


    1. Hi Shawn, thank you for reading and contacting me. My diagnosis came after skin and muscle biopsies and an MRI. I did have blood tests done in the beginning but I honestly can not tell you if it helped diagnose my DM , I suppose it helped rule out others. I believe that if one autoimmune disease is present in your body there is a much higher chance of developing more. That is why I am on my new journey of functional medicine and healing my gut through diet, ridding toxins in my life, exercise of course, and probiotics!

      As I am not a doctor, I can’t say whether our symptoms are the same but it could be something for you to have checked out by a doctor. Reintroduce your doctors to what you are going through. My experience happened quickly after my son was born. My skin was affected first and then I started to lose my muscle strength to the point of not being able to grab a can of food off the shelf. Lifting the fork to my face was strenuous and then swallowing that food I worked so hard to get would choke me. My muscles started shutting down. It was scary stuff. I am sorry you have had to battle your symptoms for so long. If you don’t mind me asking, what are the natural options you are medicating with? Also, I do know that my rashes have never truly gone away, especially on my hands.

      I am sorry if I was kind of jumping around in this reply! I hope that you find your answers you are seeking and I would love to stay in touch.


      1. My GP strongly believes that Fibromyalgia is linked to sleep disorder. I have always had insomnia (and passed it on to all of my children) so she started treating that symptom. At first she had me on Amitriptyline. It helped and I only had bad sleep nights one a month or so. And it was true, The better I slept the last I hurt. After a couple of years and some dosage increases (plus the fact that this drug has a side effect of weight gain) she switched me to topamax which I loved. She also gave me ambien for bad nights, which I hated. Frustrated with the fact that I was not sure my diagnosis was correct and the fact that I hated taking the medication I started doing some easy stuff like reducing stress and eliminating caffeine late in the day. I got to the point where I was able to come off the medication. However, I still noticed sleep issues and pain, although to a lesser degree. I have been treating both those symptoms with essential oils with decent success. Interestingly enough, I have also tried treating the skin issues with oils with zero success. I’m not sure I’m ready to put myself through a barrage of medical testing again…it was frustrating at best last time. I have recently made some diet changes eliminating (for the most part ) sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten and dairy. I am going to friend you on Facebook so I can follow your journey. Blessings to you!


      2. I am sorry to hear your struggles! I can completely empathize with not wanting to go through more testing. I am posting about healing your gut today. Also, I would look into Dr Amy Myers, her book The Autoimmune Solution has made more sense to me then my doctors ever have! Thank you for following me and I hope you can continue to read my blog as I want to share the knowledge of what I am learning with others! 😊


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