N is for Nausea

  N: Nausea

It should not come to much surprise that nausea follows Methotrexate, even in my blog posts.  Since starting my medications I have been dealing with a state of almost constant nausea for about 2 years.  It is hard to deal with this as I still want to lead a “normal” life and do not want to appear sick.  I feel that if I show weakness I will be looked at as weak.

Luckily the nausea usually sets in towards the evening.  Although this makes it hard to do somethings, I am grateful it doesn’t rear it’s ugly head during the day time.  The feeling I get when I am nauseated is not so much in my stomach.  It starts in my throat and chest.  A lump, a nasty good for nothing lump!  It then proceeds to make its way to my stomach and then I crave saltine crackers.  In turn, this craving does not bode well for my current status of transforming my diet to heal my body.  All in all, it’s just one big lump of nasty.  However, while trying to stay on the sunny side of things, I can say that…well actually…yep, I got nothing!  Sorry sunny side of things, not today.


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