P is for Prednisone



It is highly likely that anyone that has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease is familiar with Prednisone.  Some hate it and some welcome it happily.  I am in between. Here’s why:

  • Prednisone causes weight gain and swelling…yuck!
  • Prednisone is an immunosuppressant drug and has been successful in helping tame my inflammation…yay!
  •  Prednisone has a list of side effects a mile long…another yuck! 
  • Prednisone helped save me…a very big yay!

Sure I could list the side effects of this little pill and what it has done to me, negatives and positives, but I am deciding to be thankful for such medications today.  I have now tapered off Prednisone and have not needed to be put back on (knock on wood).  In total I was on it for a year and a half and am grateful to no longer be taking it daily.  


2 thoughts on “P is for Prednisone

  1. I’m pretty much happy with my Prednisone experience the worst things I had was prednisone induced insomnia which I affectionally call predsomnia, insane hunger, moon face and weight gain. But the benefits have definitely outweighed anything else and I have decent sized boobs for the first time in my life so making the most of it lol


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