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Q is for Quality of Life


Q: Quality of Life

Quality…one word can have so much meaning and depth. The quality of a life.  What does this encompass?  I can tell you what quality of life looks like for me.

  • Being able to be a healthy and happy mother to my son.  I don’t want him to see me sick or to think of me as sick.
  • To be able to enjoy the little things in life; a Sunday stroll.  A feeling of the ocean water washing over my feet in the warm sand.  A really great cup of tea.  To hold my husbands hand and I mean really hold onto him and live in that moment. 
  • Enjoying family time with those I love, no mater where we are. 
  • Sitting around and doing “nothing” with my friends but in reality it really is everything.
  • Breathing in and breathing out on each new day given to me. 

All these things and so much more bring quality to my life.  Not one of us knows the measurement of quanity we have in life but we can absolutely measure out our quality in the best ways we can.

I want to live not just survive.


One thought on “Q is for Quality of Life

  1. Life is what one makes of it and when there is a positive attitude, it is always better. Remember, when going through trials, to look to our Creator. Our trials are also a refining process, so hang on you’re doing a super job. (Last post on the R page, should have been here!)

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