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R is for Rash

  R: Rash

Aside from my muscle strength fading away into oblivion, my skin rash called Gottron’s papules, is the my DM nemesis.  The rash has appeared on my eyelids, cheeks, around my nose, elbows, upper chest, upper back and shoulders, hips, and hands.  The most painful is by far my hands.  Think about all the things you do daily with your hands and how much they are used.  It is extremely frustrating having these useful tools we call hands and being in pain 95% of the time when using them.  Small things such as locking and unlocking doors, digging through my purse, putting my hands in my pants pockets, putting on lotion, and playing cars or anything rather with my son, are all unpleasantly painful. 

I gratefully can say that my face is much better than in the beginning of my journey.  There for a time I was not able to wear make-up because it was just too painful to apply.  My eyelids still itch and every now and then my face can light up like Rudolph’s red nose but for the most part I can pull off looking “normal”.

I used to be self conscious about my appearance.  When making a purchase at a store and I had to sign a receipt I always felt that the cashier would stare at my hands.  In all actuality they probably never even looked and if they did, so what.  I have come to the point that this is just me now and I am still beautiful (according to my husband) in my own way! 


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