From A to Z

T is for Tired

  T: Tired

I already want to take a nap tomorrow!  Seriously, I am tired a good amount of the time.  I thought that once my son grew out of the infant phase my days of feeling rested would return…jokes on me.  Although it is tiring being a parent, being a parent with DM is even more exhausting.  When living with a disease that causes fatigue and requires medications that cause fatigue it is safe to say you could try to imagine the tiredness I feel.  Not for one second am I complaining about having to parent, never would that happen.  I just never thought I would be parenting under these “conditions” but as I have said before I am truly grateful that it is not worse.  If I keep myself busy and going, going, going I manage to do pretty dang good.  Then the mornings come and I want to slap it in its bright and sunny face.  


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