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U is for Uncommon

  U: Uncommon

It’s always a little alarming when you are diagnosed with a disease that is uncommon.  As described on, “Dermatomyositis is an idiopathic inflammatory myopathy with characteristic skin manifestations. Although the disorder is rare, with a prevalence of one to 10 cases per million in adults and one to 3.2 cases per million in children, early recognition and treatment are important ways to decrease the morbidity of systemic complications.”

I take two things out of the above:

  1. I need to play the lottery way more!  If my odds of getting DM were 10 to 1M and I got it, well then why can’t I win the lottery?!?
  2. I am super fortunate that I had amazing doctors that were on top of their game and were able to diagnose me rather quickly.  

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