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V is for Vulnerable

  V: Vulnerable 

First things first, I took the day off from writing yesterday.  Our world lost a beautiful soul and I felt compelled not to write about myself and just reflect on him.  Until we meet again, sweet uncle.  With that sad beginning of today’s entry here’s today’s post:

Vulnerable by definition means susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.  So what does being vulnerable have to do with DM?  Not only is my immune system attacking my body  and therefore being in overdrive, I am on immunosuppressants that make me vulnerable to infection and illness.  When I was first starting my journey my rheumatologist told me that if I fly I should wear a medical mask to help protect myself.  Yep, that sounds super awesome doesn’t it! Nothing says “I am sick, sit next to me” like a mask over my face. 

Another vulnerability I have is towards the sun.  The sun doesn’t only help beautiful flowers grow, it makes my condition bloom.  If I am in the sun for too long my skin rashes get extremely itchy and even more red.  

Do I strictly adhere to wearing a mask and staying out of the sun?  I would like to be the perfect patient and say yes but that would be a lie.  I do my best with sanitizing my hands and staying away from the sick.  As for the sun, I do not lay in the sun, I try to stay in the shade, and wear my sunscreen.  


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