From A to Z

Z is for Zero %

  Z: Zero %
Zero %….that’s the chance of myself giving up on fighting for a symptom free life. A life where I don’t wince from pain while putting my hands in and out of my pockets. A life where my hands don’t feel attacked from the razor blades of death, aka the zipper, on my purse. A life where I will still cautiously apply sunscreen but not be afraid of my skin bursting into madness if I stay out a bit longer. A life where I don’t fear a relapse or flare up if I feel a twinge of muscle pain or weakness.  
Here’s to my husband and I being able to decide whether we will have another child and not letting my disease dictate that for us. Here’s to playing more and playing harder with my little man. Here’s to my life. It’s a beautiful gift, I’m not going to waste it! 


3 thoughts on “Z is for Zero %

  1. I just want to give you a medimonster crunch right now. You are everything that a mother,wife and daughter should be,strength,selflessness,loving,caring should I go on because I can. Being your dad has been such a gift to me, I can’t ever imagine not having you in my life, beside me or 17 hrs. away, I love you with all of my beating heart. I love you more than all the NEEDLES


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