My Story

All for one and One for all

As my son watches the Mickey Mouse version of The Three Musketeers I can’t help but notice what he is eating. Of course I was the one that gave him the boxed macaroni and cheese that he requested, so it’s no surprise to me what he is eating.  However, a harsh reality hits me when I look at my bowl of veggies and fruits and he is eating the processed “convenience” food.  The reality is that I am trying to heal and fix my body and I am setting him up for a less healthy life than what he could have.  

 Genetics account for only about 25% of our risk of autoimmunity, the rest is environment.  I obviously have no way of knowing if he will ever develop an autoimmune disease but I do know that I can give him better odds of not being diagnosed.  If I focus on teaching him the healthy habits of eating whole foods at an early age, I not only will feel better about the present but also his future.  After all, as parents, don’t we want the best for our kids?!

He is a picky toddler when it comes to foods and it has been a challenge, to say the least, to get him to eat foods outside of his comfort zone.  I am going to start introducing new foods to him and although he may not accept the offer the first time, or even the third time, he is likely to accept eventually.  Repetition is key I believe.  Try and try again.  I need to stop being lazy and put more effort in building a healthy future for my son.  Super Healthy Kids is a great recipe site that I have found in order to help me get started on new ideas for him to try. 

All this being said, I also know the world we live in today and that he will not always be “clean”.  There are times, for instance, at the grandparents homes where he is lovingly allowed his special treats and that’s OK!  He is still a kid!  I am still his mom and I will make the promise to him to nourish his body with what he needs to live a healthy and happy life free of autoimmunity.

The Three Musketeers say it well…All for One and One for All! 


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