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Let’s Get Real

  Let’s get real.  Down to the nitty gritty real!  It is super hard to be brutally honest sometimes but I find that it also helps heal and surpass speed bumps that we may come along.  So here I am…raw, honest, and hopefully flying over the speed bump I find myself at right now.  For those of you that know me, I try to stay positive and use “happy” words.  This is not the post for that, so parents and grandparents, I apologize in advance and I promise to keep it as PG as possible!

First things first!  Eating a restricted diet while others around you are chowing down on all the sweet delicacies that you once feasted on just plain sucks.  Yep, it sucks!  It is super hard to be so strict at times.  For instance, I had a donut this last week because, well, everyone else was and I wanted it damn it!  That want and indulgent moment soon became my reality of why I can no longer eat these sugary and glutenized foods.  (I don’t think glutenized is really a word but we are going with it!)  My body was flat out pissed at me!  Ugh, yes yes, I know.  It wasn’t worth it and every wrong bite sets me back further from my goal of healing my body and living a symptom free life.  As much as I know that, it still is so hard starting a whole new lifestyle.  It is comparative to a baby learning to walk.  It takes time and patience I suppose but have you seen the bruises they get from all the falls they take?!  If we can learn to walk at a young age I guess I can do this.

Here’s another thing.  Having a supportive husband is a blessing in so many ways.  However, the days that he helps keep me in check with asking “Should you be eating that?” or  “Is that in your diet?”, I don’t know if I want to high five him in the face with a chair or myself!  Answer is…Myself!  I know he is only looking out for me and helping me succeed, as I asked him to do in the beginning.  Honestly, I should have so many self inflicted high five bruises!  It’s the truth.  I have really sucked at this new lifestyle lately.  It is miserably hard sometimes when I am surrounded by birthday cakes, donuts, family gatherings, and so on.  I have to continue to look at my new lifestyle as a prescription for better health, a brighter future for not only myself but my family as well, and to live pain free.

Note to self:

Buck up buttercup!  You can do this and you will succeed.  Believe in yourself and on the bad days it is OK to be pissed, to throw a itsy bitsy pity party, ask the “why me’s” and to maybe cry a little.  After you give yourself those few moments of hatred at the curveball you have been thrown, pick yourself up, dust off, and kick this diseases ass by all ways you know how!  You are worth it and deserve to have a long life of happy.


12 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real

  1. I”m sorry I didn’t help you more. You are very strong way stronger than I, it doesn’t help when your dad goes to the donut shop and eats way to much hence Ross’s trampoline, I love you so much


  2. I will take some blame I can’t wait to see you soon it is so special for me to be with you and your family. so proud of who you are and the outrageously awesomeistick, person that you are


  3. Hey girl, so sorry that you hurt so much. I know too many people who are having to deal with physically painful stuff. Just pray for you dear girl. It’s easy to say stay strong but that can be hard to do. Love and hugs. Bon

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  4. Venting and saying words that parents or grandparents might cringe at is a form of stress relief, hun! Sometimes we just have to have ourselves a little pity party or a big temper tantrum
    ..or.something in between to relieve some stress and get back on track! You are so blessed to have Cory…and, of course your amazing parents and family
    ..but the hubby support is HUGE! Uncle Dirk didn’t understand any of my fibro symptoms or the other issues that cause me physical pain. And I think it was easier for him to be in denial than to accept it. He finally did some research and learned a lot. And has been my biggest supporter since. There have been blow ups along the way when plans have had to change last minute, etc. And that is normal…it’s a lifestyle change for everyone…but especially your daily circle. And they need to vent, as well. (Which I don’t see your sweet hubby losing his cool much). It took me a while to put myself in his shoes. And that was a big slap in the face when I realized that all of this has taken away from him and my kids, as well. I had to giggle when you mentioned him asking if you should be eating this or doing that. SO Uncle Dirk…he gets pretty mother hen-like often! Lol. (Tonite, in fact!)
    We are blessed with amazing men…even when we want to high five them with a chair!! And blessed with an incredible family! And blessed with a God who won’t let us down…like you said elsewhere on here…He has a purpose for those of us everywhere who deal with AI/chronic pain, etc. And you, my dear, are making a difference with this blog. You truly are! Thank you! (Sorry I keep leaving such long comments–you are just touching my heart deeply tonite). I love you!

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  5. You CAN do this and you WILL succeed! I can hear your drive and stamina in your words. Is it hard? Heck yes. Is it worth it? You betcha! Food really is powerful medicine. Best wishes on your journey. You got this..

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