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Proof is in…my hands!!!

As I write this I am so super excited!  I am excited to actually see the proof that the changes I have made to help reverse my autoimmune disease are working.  It is no longer a “maybe this will work”, no longer a “we will just wait and see”, it is a firm “woo freakin’ hoo this IS working”!

I have chosen to lead a lifestyle that is challenging and there are many times that I have wanted to just give up and give in.  Seeing the progress helps me stand strong in the decisions I am making.  In this moment I am looking my Dermatomyositis directly in the face and saying “Back off, I am taking me back”.  I still have a long way to go but every hurdle that I can clear without drastically falling like Danny Zuko in Grease, is a huge win.

Is it still hard to lead this new dieting lifestyle?  Yes, but it is getting easier.  The longer I am living this new life, the easier it gets.  It is becoming easier to say no to temptation and to just not want the “bad” stuff anymore.  After all, how could I possibly go back now after seeing that it is working!

Here’s the proof…

February 2016


April 2016

P.S.  I literally can NOT stop smiling!


9 thoughts on “Proof is in…my hands!!!

    1. I also have Dermatomyositis, and I just started your diet three days ago. I’m already noticing a difference in that I’m not so tired, itchy, and achy. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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