My Story

Good Bye Moonface

During Moon Face and After

Prednisone! I knew going into it thatprednisone causes “moon face”.  Moon face is that in which your face is round, puffy, and swollen.  In the midst of it I thought I was doing pretty well with not letting the prednisone get the best of me and then I look back! I look back and see a face that has lost the definition of a chin, a face with deeper dimples, and an overall roundness that reminds me of a fresh blown piece of bubble gum.  When I look at the photos of myself from a year ago, I do not see myself as fat or overweight.  I see someone who I fighting a disease and is doing what is needed to continue functioning.  I am proud of being able to maintain my weight somewhat but the fact of the matter is, prednisone has its own devilish side effects but it helped get me to a state where I could function again. 

 I look back now because I am no longer on prednisone. It has been 2 1/2 years since my diagnosis of dermatomyositis and for the last 6 months I have been prednisone free!! I feel that my diet is a huge factor with helping me keep flares in check and not needing the wrath of medications that I was once on, which was at one point around 10 prescriptions.  I still have roads less traveled in my journey but I am taking this pit stop to look back and be thankful. I am thankful for having the doctors in my life to help me get my life back, for the knowledge that food can help heal, for the medications (even though I also hate them), for the support of my loved ones, and for the community of fellow autoimmune fighters!


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