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A little bit stronger

Can it be? Is it possible? The time has finally arrived that I am no longer on any, that’s right, ANY medications! Zero, zilch, nada!  I have been Methotrexate free for almost 5 weeks now, Prednisone free for 8 months, and Plaquinil free for a year.  As wonderful as this is it also terrifies me.  It terrifies me because I fear ever having to go back on the meds.  I have a constant fear that I will be back to square one again after a flare up.  That’s where my new way of life plays a VERY important role.  My hopes and dreams are that I can maintain this status of being pain and symptom free by staying true to my diet and lifestyle choices.  A lot rides on this.  

I am still learning every single day about my specific disease and ways I can improve my life.

Dr Amy Myers recently published an article discussing myths about autoimmune diseases that helped me in many ways.  The following is an excerpt from the article (to view the full article read here):

Myth #1. Autoimmune disorders can’t be reversed. 

Yes, there’s a genetic component in autoimmune disorders. But as we have learned from the brand-new field of epigenetics, genetic expression can be modified. For you to develop an autoimmune disorder, something in your environment, diet, or personal circumstances has to turn on the group of your genes that causes autoimmune disorders.
Through diet, intestinal healing, and reducing your toxic burden, you can instruct your problematic genes to turn off again, thereby restoring your beleaguered immune system to health.

This little excerpt alone solidifies my belief that my pregnancy with my son sparked the disease that was already inside me and after he was born my Dermatomyositis reared its ugly head.  This “myth buster” gives me hope that I can and possibly already have restored my own beleaguered immune system to health.  So yes, I worry even though I see my own personal capabilities and successes but I believe that the worry helps me stay grounded and on the path that I want to be.  As Sara Evans says, “even on my weakest days I get a little bit stronger”! 


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