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What will the future hold?


Do you see this sweet thing? This is my baby who is becoming more and more a little boy with each passing day. Although I have been sick almost all of his 3 1/2 years of life with Dermatomyositis, he has been the brightest little light in my life. I am blessed beyond reason that I get to be his mama. It is because of the joy that he has brought my husband and I, the want/need of a sibling that he has expressed, AND the pure exhilarating fact that I am 100% in remission today with the clearance of all my doctors, that we are hoping to bring sweet thing number 2 into our world someday.

Is this a scary thought?!?

YES!  Well…and no actually.  It is scary because having DM has changed so much in my life and it will not stop there once in remission.  There is a good possibility of flaring up postpartum.  There is a possibility that I could shows signs of a flare while pregnant, although it is more likely that I would not show symptoms during pregnancy now that I am in remission.  There is possibility of miscarriage, as with any pregnancy.  Sharing this journey with you means that I would share the trials of a miscarriage as well, however they do happen and though it may be a sad and touchy subject, it can actually be discussed and I have found that, as least for me, sharing my journey helps heal.  Finally, why isn’t it scary?  That’s easy!  The thought of having baby number 2 makes both my husband and I about as happy as a turkey pardoned on Thanksgiving Day!  It brings more life and joy into our world.  We always planned on having two children but as we all know, life doesn’t always go as we plan.  We learned to accept and appreciate that we may be parents to an only child (a really friggin’ awesome only child) and then once again, life threw us another curve ball, albeit a beautiful one that has given us hope.  This time we are gonna smack this curveball out of the park and score a home run…I hope!

Why am I sharing this with you?

I have searched and scoured over the internet to find others with DM and pregnancy and it is tough! So this is why I made the decision to share this part of my journey with you as well. It is absolutely terrifying and exciting at the same time. Who knows what the future holds for us but in hopes of helping others that seek answers and companionship of fellow autoimmune moms or just seeking a glimpse of hope, I will be continuing this part of my journey with you. Please wish my family and I the best and send us luck, love and prayers. It may be a bumpy ride but we are on this road and we will see where it takes us!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not even close to being pregnant yet so don’t get your sweet little hearts all in a tizzy just yet! ❤️

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