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The Gift of Life

3 years ago I was experiencing my first symptoms of muscle weakness.  This started out in my arms and although I had the rash, or Gottron’s Papules to be me medically correct, we assumed the arm weakness was from moving into our new home.  From this point you know the rest of my DM journey…up until now!

3 months ago I was given the green light to try and conceive a new little one for our family to love.  After thoroughly discussing my remission and the possibility of conceiving with 3 of my doctors we rewired our brains and decided to go for that dream.  I say that we had to rewire our brains because we had come to terms that our son Ross would probably be our first, last, and only child.  Although that was never our plan in the beginning, we always wanted two children, we looked at how lucky we were to have one amazing child and felt absolutely blessed to have him.  Everyday with him is God’s gift to us.

3 months later we are living our dream!  I am in the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy with our newest blessing.  I honestly did not think this day or time would come and now it is here and we could not be happier.  Although I was in remission when I became pregnant I still am cautious and look for any signs or symptoms of DM.  It is not likely I will show any signs while pregnant, I will share more of this in another post, but I feel it is best to stay on top of anything that may come my way.

Our Bubba’s best friend will arrive July 2017!

I have been given the gift of life and the gift to give life.  There is really no greater feeling and I am continually thankful every single day!  Stay with me on this journey and in July 2017 you will meet our newest member of the family.

Side note:  3 is Ross’ favorite number and I am starting to think it just might be mine too!  Did I mention Ross is 3 right now?!


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