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Reflection is defined as the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected. This can be something such as light or an image that is reflected. Reflection can also mean serious thinking or careful consideration. 

Today I reflect not only on these past few years but on the entirety of my 35 years of life here on God’s great earth. Has my life been “perfect“?  No, absolutely not, but then again what is perfect? Has every bump and bruise along the way been worth it? Exponentially! Those bruises have helped form who I am today. I am not saying that all the down sides of life were not painful or difficult but there was purpose in one way or another. Most recently, did I look at my autoimmune disease as having a purpose in the beginning? Ha, no way! Now that I reflect upon it…Yes! It has given me a drive to learn, share, and educate.  
Today not only marks my 35th birthday but I also celebrate 16 weeks in this pregnancy. I look forward to this year oh so much. I look forward to meeting our new little one, to watching our son become the big brother he was always meant to be, and to watch my husband be the father of BOTH my children. I look forward to learning about more new ways I can help others, to live a balanced life, and to continue to evolve into the person I am meant to be.

I look to my future and the hopeful many years I have ahead of me. I see family, love, and hope. I am not naive in thinking there will not be trials and tribulations but I have faith that I can cope, learn from, and deal with them as they come. 

I am so grateful for all the moments of wonderful that I have experienced. I am thankful for all of you that have been there for any and all of it. Today I am just HAPPY! 


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