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Back in the saddle AGAIN!

I have three months (if baby boy follows the predicted schedule) until our second little prince arrives.  This means that I will be going back to a strict diet to prepare my body for the postpartum journey ahead.  I took a few months hiatus from the strict diet that I follow for a few reasons.

First and foremost, in the beginning of this pregnancy I was sick all day, every day, and had a hard time eating anything.  I tried to stay strict to my lifestyle of gluten/grain free however the only thing that helped me make it through the day was a carb usually in the form of a bread like substance to soak up all that yuck feeling in my stomach.  I could have helped stay true to my diet if I would have been able to bake my own grain free breads but when you need to save any energy that you have to take care of the little guy that you already have.  You do what you can and baking was NOT on my priority list.  You may ask, “Why not buy store bought gluten free bread?”  This is an appropriate question and my answer is this:  Every single store bought gluten free product contains rice flour.  Big bummer for me!  Rice absolutely destroys me, I simply can not process it and when I try I end up feeling so completely sick.  This being said, yes, I have refrained from all rice products and I have since I started my new lifestyle.  I also know that I can not eat eggs and still have not touched them since the beginning of my journey to change my life.

Secondly, this sweet little baby that I am carrying did NOT want me to eat any red meat or seafood.  This was extremely hard as those are both huge parts of my diet.  I am thankfully able to stomach both now and am so happy about that!  Oh sweet tri-tip how I missed you!

The third and no less important reason is that when a woman becomes pregnant her immune system slows down in order for her body to not “attack” the unborn child.  This is why it is possible for symptoms of an autoimmune disease to dissipate during pregnancy.  Although I was already in remission before becoming pregnant, I still have watched every day for signs of symptoms and have had no signs, thankfully, a thousand times thankfully!  I know that I am super fortunate.

From my research and knowledge, I know that it takes the body approximately 2-3 months to heal from the effects of gluten.  This is why I have planned to start a strict gluten/grain free lifestyle again.  Although I might feel okay now, I want to deter any negative symptoms after my sweet babe is born.  Postpartum is a time that can be scary for any mom and for a mom with an autoimmune disease it can be even scarier due to risk of flare ups.  I am going to do what I can to stop a flare before it hits.  I may or may not be successful as I can’t read the future but I can be as proactive as possible.  I owe it to myself, my children, and my husband.  I want to be able to be ME!

So here goes nothing.  Back to the drawing board, meal plans, and full on meal preps.

Prepared with my arsenal of knowledge and health wealth!

4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle AGAIN!

  1. So Saralynn, I’m not sure if it would help or not, but what if you shared your meal prepping or weeks worth of meal plans? Maybe some of us newbies would benefit from it as well? Can’t imagine not being able to do eggs however. Lots of eggs in this house!

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